• Home Checks in Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch

    Home Checks - We Keep an Eye on Your Home or Condo

    Blue Sky Property Management offers full-service home checks for homes and condos in the Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch areas. If you are traveling or live at a distance, or are just going on vacation, we are your eyes while you are away. If you have property and are not always there, our home check service gives you peace of mind.

  • Why Have Your Property Checked?

    You hope there will not be a problem, but problems do happen. We have saved homeowners thousands of dollars by discovering problems just in time. A Siesta Key condo had water pouring in from the water heater upstairs. We called and met a restoration company there the same day. This owner was fortunate and all of their furniture was saved. Another owner left the oven on when they left their condo, and one owner had friends staying in their villa, and when they left, the freezer door was not closed. One had a tree limb fall on their roof. Several air conditioners have quit working and the owners would not have known if we were not checking their places. One had hot water spraying out in the garage. We provide peace of mind with our home checks.

  • We Can Customize Your Home Checks

    We check outside, inside, doors, windows, garage, air handler, appliances, run the faucets, flush toilets, run the washer and dishwasher, water plants, check the pool level, bring in mail and packages. We check a house downtown weekly and take photos of their mail so they know if there is important mail we should send to them as they travel. We drive a car around the block weekly so it will start when the owner returns to their vacation home. We can meet repair people, do airport drop-off and pick-up, have the house or condo cleaned, stock the refrigerator and buy fresh flowers.

  • We Check Your Property So You Don't Have To!

    Call us today to schedule your home checks. 


  • Home checks in Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch